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Monday, 18 May 2009

Moved to WordPress!

You may have noticed if you frequent the dotcom address (

that blogs are now moved to my WordPress account and blogs have been integrated into that there.

There are many reasons for this move; mainly practical

Thank you for reading this blogger - and keep on reading at the new address if you do not use the dotcom.

You can update your RSS feedreaders with RSS links at that new site.

... oh! The Address:


Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Something of a pre-emptive strike.

Today's the big day.

Well, the first of two.

First, (today), I go to Oxford for my pre-operative assessment, for a planned operation on my left wrist/hand. Second, of course, is the actual thing.

What was originally planned was to straight it out to give it a natural look and give it more function.

But also, I'm going to ask about my weird joint in my thumb, which seems to stick out a fair bit. When I was 11 I tried a botox injection, which needless to say, went terribly wrong.

So I'm not all that optimistic about my chances for this once.

Let's hope they at least get the anaesthetic levels right so I don't feel a thing!

Will take lots of pictures of beautiful Oxford rather than my strange hand!
More later. Stay Tuned.